Four Tips to Cope with Covid when Living with ADHD

The Covid-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges in society. There are changes happening in many levels. For an individual with ADHD often get restless and irritated if they stay inside their homes for a long time. Sometimes, this can even trigger more symptoms causing mental health conditions, anxiety and stress. Many adults are looking to manage their ADHD during the pandemic Luckily, there are some steps that can assist during this time.

Set a Daily Routine- Setting a routine is always important to plan your day ahead so that your stress is limited that. For instance, complete a task before starting another, keep your personal belongings in one place, exercise regularly at a given time are some of the things that you can follow. Try to not deviate from the fixed routine.

 Create Better Sleeping Habits– Sleep helps adults with ADHD to stay away from unwanted stress and anxiety. When you are inside the home for a long time, your sleep patterns tend to change. That is, you might even fall asleep during odd hours. In order to get good sleep for seven to nine hours at night, you must ensure that you do not fall asleep during daytime. Make your bed comfortable, not watching TV before going to bed, dimming your bedroom lights or using earplugs if there is too much noise around you can help.

Seek help if needed– Due to the ongoing pandemic, many mental health organizations have opened 24-hour call centers to help those who are in need. If you want help, contact a healthcare worker near you. If you want assistance in therapies, note that many programs have shifted to virtual platforms which you can become part of.

Exercise– Just because you are inside the home, do not stop from working out. Make sure that you do some basic exercises inside the house. It helps you to relive off energy. In a study done in the year 2017, researchers have found that children with ADHD showed improved impulse control and attention after a single 20-minute aerobic exercise session. In case you are stepping out for a jog or run, make sure to practice social distancing.