5 Steps To Help Women with ADHD Monitor Your Focus

One of the most important task for a women with ADHD to improving you focus is to figure out when, where and why you lose your concentration. By spending a few weeks monitoring your focus and concentration patterns you will be able to figure out the right environment for keeping your attention on track. The following 4 steps will assist you to start monitoring your focus today.

Step 1: What is Distracting You? Take some time to figure out what distractions are pulling you away from the task at hand. Are you distracted by getting text messages, checking Facebook, or starting another task because you saw something else that needed to be done? Try turning off your cell phone and keep it in your drawer or in your pocketbook instead of your desk. If you find yourself checking Facebook while you are at work, look for an app that would block it,

 Step 2: Listen To Your Favorite Music – Some women with ADHD find it easy to concentrate with complete silence, whereas some women with ADHD may find it easier to concentrate with a little music playing in the background. Studies have found that if you play your favorite music in the background it can actually help you focus on your thoughts. Whether you prefer background music or complete silence, being aware of which one works best for you can help you with your concentration.

Step 3: What is the Temperature? Being in a cold or hot environment can lead to lapses your focus and concentration. A study that was done by Cornell University found that people are more productive when the temperature is between 68 and 77. If you don’t have control the temperature where you work at bring a sweater if it is to cold or a small desk fan it if it is to hot. Doing either one of these things will not only help your work environment but also help you with your concentration.

Step 4: Be Aware of Your Sleep Patterns– Being aware of your sleep pattern can assist you to figure out how much sleep you need to have the best focus and concentration. Some women with ADHD find their heads in the clouds if they get less than 8 hours of sleep.  Knowing how much sleep your body needs will help you get the right amount of sleep and will be able to focus and concentrate much better during the day

Step 5: Figure Out When You Work Best– Some women with ADHD are more productive in the mornings (I am up at the crack of dawn) whereas some women with ADHD are more productive in the afternoons. Over the next few weeks figure out when your focus/concentration is the strongest and what times of day it slows down. Being aware of this can really help you plan out your day and do certain tasks at that time.