7 Steps to Overcome Procrastination 4 Woman with ADHD

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? No matter what you do you just can’t find the motivation to get your task/housework done. If you feel this way, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Not only are you not the first women with ADHD to feel like procrastination just won’t let you go, but you also aren’t the first women with ADHD to seek out help to get beyond the procrastination charm. Read my latest blog for a step by step system for overcoming procrastination.

Step 1 Do a Self-Check In – When you do a self-check in you can ask yourself. what is your current mood and how are you feeling the present moment? Once this is done, say out loud whatever the emotion is. For example, I am feeling (add emotion) because I think I won’t be able to find an answer or (fill in the blank). Once you acknowledge the specific emotion, many times the emotions disappear.

Step 2 Do A Mind Dump- Take two pieces of paper and put them side by side? Then make a list of all the things you can image for your home and be creative on what you would like to accomplish, to get it done and have a nice home. Of course, you may have other ideas that will have nothing to do with your home, that is why you have second piece of paper to write those other idea. Doing this will reduce your anxiety that you may have. In addition, give yourself permission to tell yourself “I am willing to play the game – What is it that I want even though I have no idea right now.”  If you don’t know, take a guess. Make it up.  Be as specific as you can even if you make it up. Or even ask yourself questions to assist you with your writing such as “Why do you want to get your home in order?” And then write out the why “I want to have a place to sit.  I need to have a system that works for me easily and simply when I want to file papers.”  Get as clear and imagine as you can.

Step 3 Write Out Six Items From Your Mind Dump– When you pick out the six items these are the ones you want no matter what. Then ask yourself out loud what are you willing to do to get what I want?  This maybe a good time to let your support system to help you in person or over the phone. Get creative and excited about how your home will look and feel.

Step 4 Estimate The Time– Take the six items from your list and estimate how much time each step will take to get done. Make the time and day realistic and put them into your schedule. If you decide to have someone help you, give them permission to ask you how you are doing and someone who is not going to criticize you if don’t get it done in the time you estimated, You want support not more negativity.

Step 5 Stop Before You Become Overwhelmed – If you can’t do anymore, figure out how much time you spent on the task and then just stop before you become more overwhelmed. When you start feeling overwhelmed change your mood by going for a walk, listen to music or whatever it takes for you to get away from what you were doing. In about 20 minutes you ADHD brain should change, and this would be a good time to go back and start again. Don’t be hard on yourself and let yourself to not get it right.

Step 6 Notice Your Accomplishments If all you did was organize a pile of papers so it would look neat then you are a winning. By having someone look at how you work best can help you create systems. If you can’t get it all done, let it go for now. Because the harder that you try the more difficult it can become. If one of your tasks is going to take you 8 hours, then don’t do it. You only want to work on the small tasks until you feel better taking on the big ones.

Step 7 Self-Inventory Check- When you are all done the one task ask yourself How are you feeling right now. Do you feel anxious. Now congratulate yourself for what you did or what you didn’t do. The reason being you are figuring out what worked for you and what didn’t. You can revise what didn’t work for you and then thank yourself for being taken that adventure. Throughout your process, let go of any expectations especially the ones that limit your possibilities.