8 Steps To Finish What You Started with Adult ADHD

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Do you have a habit of starting a project, but not finishing them? If so you are not alone.  Many adults with ADHD have a habit of starting projects but never finishing them.  This is because of the nature of ADHD, adults quickly lose interest in what they are working on, plus they can get stuck because they are unsure on how to move forward.  Personally, I have worked on many projects in the course of running my business and I have experience on how to successfully complete projects from start to finish. Here are my nine best tips on how to finish the project that you start.

Take On One Project At A Time – If you keep on starting new projects, not only will you drive yourself crazy but you will also set yourself up for failure. That is why you should make a choice on which project you want to work on. Once you have made this choice, stick to it.  Focusing on one project saves a lot of time and energy; you will be more productive and keep a good overview. So try resist the idea of starting a new project. Write down the idea so you won’t forget it.

Write Out A Project Plan – Before you start new project you will need to know what it is you need to know. This will help your project be successful. For example, clear your schedule to make time for your new project and plan in the activities with deadlines.  Thinking over your strategies will assist you to have a better game plan. In addition, schedule in a time for evaluation of your project.  It is perfectly ok to change your plan along the way if your project will benefit from it.

Anticipate Bumps in the Road – When u start a new project it is easy, especially if the project doesn’t have bumps in the road. Be aware that when you start a new project is easier than finishing one.  Prepare yourself for some bumps in the road; if you can overcome these you will have more satisfaction at the end.

Use Bumps As A Learning Process – This may sound strange, but enjoy the bumps in the road, see them as a learning process so you can adjust your project plan as needed.  If you push through these bumps, at the end of the road you will feel fantastic, having accomplished and reached your goal.  You can even reward yourself every time you overcome a bump in the road. In other words be proud of yourself of everything that you have worked on so far.

Stop Being a Perfectionist – How many of us keep on putting off our work because we want to make it better and better? Don’t get me wrong, I am all about getting the best results, however if your perfectionism is stopping your project, you may need to rethink your strategy. Break up your project into smaller chunks and work on them separately instead of working on your project all at once.  Don’t forget to tell yourself it is ok to make mistakes and fail a few times, because this is part of the process.  Also give yourself a time limit for every task so your perfectionism doesn’t prevent you from finishing or quitting your project.

Track Your Progress – If you are aware of your progress it will motivate you to finishing your project.  Tracking your progress will show how you are doing and will make it easier and also lift up your spirits.

Keep Your End Goals & Vision with You At All Times – Whenever you start a project, you determine a goal.  In the beginning you will be full of energy and enthusiasm but along the way this energy and enthusiasm could fade away.  If the road gets bumpy, you may lose sight of your goal and you think you are not making progress fast enough. Try to remember something that always keeps your goals in sight. You can do this by surrounding yourself with anything that reminds of that goal or spending time with other people who are doing similar things.  Things like I mentioned will keep you motivated and give you new insight.

Celebrate When You Finish – Now that you are finished with your project, you celebrate for being awesome, for not quitting and believing in yourself.  Don’t act like it is nothing or you to finish what you have started. You need to be proud & acknowledge that. Because that feeling at the end, and how you overcame what seemed impossible, will be your motivation for the next time.



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