ADHD Children: Effective Discipline Techniques

Children with ADHD can be difficult to discipline. This is because of the symptoms of the disorder. It can be difficult to get some children with ADHD to even listen to the reasons why they’re being punished and then the consequences can be very hard to enforce with children who are easily distracted. But these challenges don’t mean that you should give up — there are effective ways to discipline a child with ADD/ADHD.

Discipline Tip 1: Let your ADHD Child know who is boss- Explain to your child that watching TV, and playing video games are privileges you have given him/her and not their right. Children with ADHD needs to know that access to the computer, video games and TV has to be earned by showing good behavior and to have a good attitude,

Discipline Tip 2 – Turn the discipline moments into learning opportunities. Remind your child with ADHD that we all can make mistakes, then have a brainstorming session with him/her other ways to deal the similar temptations and stressors in the future. Listen to their idea. It should not be just your way or the highway.

Discipline Tip 3: Try out Different Discipline Techniques- Try walking between the lines of being to strict and being too soft. Use problem solving and negotiations to give your child with ADHD input and responsibility.Try strategies, evaluate,and redesign as you feel it is needed.

Discipline Tip: 4 – Agree On A Plan: Before going to any type of store or to an activity ask your child with ADHD what would calm him down if he/she gets upset. If he/she has an outburst you as the parent will have a plan because your child came up with their own calming down technique. Your child’s ownership of it should guarantee that they will cooperate with you enforcing it,

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