The ADHD Resilience Factor

Resiliency is how well an indiduval with ADHD can recover from the ups and downs in life and how we see and respond to mistakes. Adults with ADHD can make the choice to see the tough situations as a challenge that you can work to overcome or see it as a stressfull experience and avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately, many adults with ADHD were not taught to be resilient at least not in some important areas of life. The following are some simple strategies for building resilience which you can implement in your every day life.

 Accept your mistakes – No one gets everything right the firs time, however as long as you learn from these mistakes, you will be able to continue to move forward in life. Building resilience allows you to accept yourself for who you are and accept that you will make mistakes.

Take time for you – Taking time for the things that are important to you will increase your sense of self-esteem. Building resilience is a defense against low self esteem and its problems associated with it. By creating boundaries around your time, others will develop more respect for you and your time.

Turn off the electronics – For at least one hour a day, turn off all of your electronics. You can used this time to read or just relax.  For at least one hour per day, switch off all technology. Throughout our history, there were times were there was no such thing as electronics, so there is no reason why you can not try to turn off your electronics for one hour in the day.

Get enough sleep- When building resilience, sleep is one of the important aspects. Getting enough rest is the anybody mind’s way to recovery from a difficult day and to build up the required strength for the days to come. Go to bed a little earlier and if necessary get some advice on how to improve the quality of your sleep. By doing so, you will start the new day with more energy and a more positive mindset.

Choose who you spend time with – The crowd that you spend your time with helps you to determine your mood and altitude toward life. Choose friends that are supportive and whose company you enjoy; you will be more confident in your ability to cope with whatever life throws your way.

Don’t forget to laugh- Laughter is one of the best way to build resilience. Figure out the different things that make you laugh and schedule them into your life. With so many different resources available, there is no need to wait for laughter to come to you, you can just go and get it. Adding just a little more laughter to your life, will lead to amazing results for your health and happiness.

Life is a cycle – Good times and bad, come and go. While today may look like a bad day, tomorrow can bring a whole new perspective. When having a bad experience, remind yourself that this too shall pass and brighter times lie ahead.

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