ADHD Solutions for Today’s Classroom Workshop

This workshop is designed to help educators effectively teach students who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Whether you are new to teaching students with ADHD or looking for new ways to improve your classroom management skills, this workshop will assist you to understand this disorder and effectively support students with ADHD. This workshop will also outline the signs, symptoms, and treatments of ADHD.

Workshop Objectives:

-Improve instructional techniques- This is made to assist teachers on ways they can better support and instruct students with ADHD

-Educates teachers -This workshop will clearly outline the causes, symptoms, treatments and intervention methods for ADHD

-Addresses special education and accommodation – It will identify the ADHD laws and accommodations in schools

Skills Covered:

-Understand ADHD

-Identifying the characteristics and effects of ADHD

-Address ADHD Co-morbidity

-Recognize ADHD Treatments

-Help learners with ADHD

-Learn how to implement instructional techniques and classroom adjustments for students with ADHD

Outline of Workshop of Teaching Students with ADHD

-Definition of ADHD

-ADHD Symptoms and treatment

-Type of ADHD

-Characteristics and effects of ADHD on students

-ADHD Co-morbidity

-Treatments for ADHD

-Students with ADHD

-Classroom adjustments for students with ADHD

-Instructional techniques for students with ADHD

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