How 5 Simple Questions Can Get Adults with ADHD Unstuck !


Getting stuck can be very frustrating for an Adult with ADHD. Having so much to do and cant figure out where to get started can be exhausting and a major source of disappointment in yourself. The key to getting unstuck is knowing what affects your ability to turn thoughts into actions, but also your ability to achieve your larger goals include your familiarity with the task, your skill set, your available resources, your expected outcomes, your emotional state, and the task’s relevance to your goal.  Each of these factors can block you and keep you stuck. When you find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or procrastinating too long ask yourself utilizing these 5 simple questions.

Have you been there before? Is this a familiar situation? – For adults with ADHD the situation can be so shocking that it catches you so off guard. In reality, you have probably experienced the same situation before, but have not filed it away in an easily retrievable spot.  When you ask yourself this question, you are starting the process of getting unstuck in your own way.  If you journal your experiences, you have something tangible to refer back to.

What are the facts? For an adult with ADHD,it can be easy to get wrapped up in what we think has happened vs reality. Again, journal what you know to be the facts, not just emotional responses. Challenge yourself to quantify the facts.

What can you do that might change the situation/outcome? Is there an action that you can take that will make a difference? Is it a situation that will benefit or change from your actions?

What action have I taken in the past that worked/didn’t work? Drawing from past experiences (and your journal), what’s worked well or backfired for you?

What’s the worst that can happen if I______? This is the bottom line. If you can identify the absolute worst outcome, you may find that you CAN deal with it.

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