Goal Setting Tips for Adults with ADHD

Many adults with ADHD have difficulty accomplishing their goals because of the challenges with setting priorities, time management, problem solving and follow through. This can often lead to frustration, overwhelm anxiety. However, if you are clear on where you are headed it can help you focus more and improve your effectiveness.  Below I have put together five of my favorite goal setting tips for adults with ADHD.

Make Your Goals Specific and Measurable – When developing your goals make sure that they are specific and measurable.  For example, I will put my keys in a zone so I will remember where they are at all times.

Write Your Goals Down – When you write out your goals it makes them concrete and it improves the chances for success.  Goals that are written down and referred to on a day to day basis are reminders for positive behaviors and choices each day.

Prioritize Your Goals – Of course all of your goals are important to you.  However, prioritizing them allows you to focus on your time and energy.

Set a Deadline- Set a specific deadline date for your goal. For example, by January 20th I will submit my application for grad school.

Accountability Buddy – Being accountable to someone greatly improves your success. One tip to improve follow through and avoid procrastination is having accountability. Ask a friend or spouse to be your accountability partner and check in with that person once a week on your progress.



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