Adult ADHD: Tips to Curb Impulsive Speech

When you have Adult ADHD, it may feel like you can’t control on what you are going to say. Talking impulsively is a symptom, however there are ways to control it and avoid embarrassment. Here are some tips to help you improve your social communication skills. The following are tips to help you improve social communication skills:

Understand Your Body Language and Social Cues –  A majority of when we speak is unspoken whether it is or facial expressions, tone of voice. These gestures can say a lot about what a person is saying.  However, adults with ADHD can miss those types of social cues. You can work with your therapist or an ADHD coach to gain a better understanding of this

Keep a notebook with you –  Many of my ADHD coaching clients have told me that they have blurted out comments because they were afraid they were going to forget what they wanted to say.  Instead, keep a notebook with you so you can write down any comments that you may have and bring them up at a more appropriate time.

Stand Back and Watch –  Stand back and watch the conversation the people are having and take some mental notes of what is being discussed.  This may take some time and practice as your impulsiveness may take over and you want to just jump right in.  Take a deep breath, count to five, listen and then join into the conversation.

When Asked for Your Opinion, Say The Phrase “let me think about that a second”-  When you use this phrase, it gives you time to think about what you say before saying something that is out of line.

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