Back To School Conversation Starters for Parents with Children with ADHD

It’s almost the beginning of the school year and it is a great time to have a conversation with your child to make sure they have a successful school year as it relates to managing their ADHD symptoms.

Talk To Your Child About The Positive Side of Their ADHD- Before the school year starts have a constructive conversation about the positive side of their ADHD. You can use phrases such as “You have a turbo charged brain which means that they have tons of great ideas” or “You have the skills to put on the breaks when you need to.”

Ask Your Child About His Friends- Early in the school year talk to your child about their new classmates. While your child talks about his/her new classmates listen in for clues that might complement their personality. This will give your child a chance to making friends who has similar interests.

Appreciate The Teacher– Children with ADHD can sometimes dislike their teacher because a sibling may have had a bad experience with him/her. Talk to your child about finding something to appreciate about their new teacher so they won’t have a bad experience and not excel in that class.