Back to School Tips 4 Parents With Children with ADHD

Transitioning from the freedom of summer to the structure of being in a classroom can be difficult for children with ADHD. To ease the transition, here are some tips parents can use prepare their child for going back to school.

Change the Routine- You can try to start with the bedtime and morning routine two weeks before school starts so your child will have time to get used to waking up early again.

Create a List of Expectations- Creating this list you can put the areas of concern whether that is getting ready in the morning, getting their homework done and even other chores or responsibilities.

Create a Homework Log- Homework can be difficult for a child with ADHD especially remembering what needs to be done. Keeping this homework log will help your child reminder what needs to be done and what books need to be brought home. Be sure to reward them when they fill out their homework log on a regular basis

You are Your Child’s Advocate –Set up a meeting to talk to your teacher about your child’s learning and behavioral needs early in the school year so your child’s transition will be smooth and all the resources which can help your child are in place and that everyone who needs to provide input is on board.

I hope these tips help you manage your child transition back into school successfully.

To your child’s successful school year,

Coach Jenna Knight