Back to School Tips for Parents of Kids with ADHD

It’s officially that time of year;summer is coming to an end and the kids are heading back to school. For a child with ADHD and the parent this can be a stressful time. The thought of discovering new subjects, meeting new teachers, and homework, seems like an adventure than a chore and can invoke deep anxiety To ensure the child’s first day of school goes smooth, here are some tips for parents to minimize some of the school stressors.

Set a Time To Meet With Your Child’s Teacher – It is important to set up a time to meet with your child’s teacher. This gives the parent the opportunity to talk about how your son/daughter learns, accommdations and ask any questions you have about your child’s IEP.

Create a Morning Routine – To get your child out of the door on time, make a list of all the tasks that need to be completed in the morning (i.e. eating breakfast getting dressed, gathering materials for the backpack. Once this list is done, break it down into chunks and set up a schedule so your child is ready when it is time to walk out the door.

Homework Zone – Does your child have a specific spot in your home to do their homework? Is it free from distractions? If not, take the time to create a homework zone where your child can do their homework without any distractions and to help him/her focus.

Use a Kitchen Calendar – Using a large kitchen calendar lets everyone know in the family what is going on day by day. It is important to put important dates on the calendar such as first day of school, PTA meetings, parent/teacher conferences ect.

Designated Zone For School Items – When you have a designated zone for your child’s school items, it will be easier to check if their homework is done, any notes that need to be signed, and any other supplies that are needed for that day.

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