How to Get Your Child with ADHD On A Back-to-School Sleep Schedule

For better or worse, the summer is at its half way point and some parents with children with ADHD will be sending them back to school in a few weeks. As a parent with a child with ADHD you may have been thinking lately on how you are going to adjust your child’s sleep school schedule. This can be a rocky time especially if your child needs to adjust to a new school year and are used to staying up later than usual. Here are some strategies to get your child’s back to school sleep back on track

Get Up A little Earlier- About one week before school begins, start getting your child up a little earlier. This works well if you and your child come up with fun activities so they are motivated to get out of bed

Establish a Bedtime Routine– Putting on pajamas,, brushing teeth and reading a story together can be a great and peaceful way to end the day.

No Electronics- Cell phones and videos game may prevent your child from winding down due to they may be tempted to play on them instead of sleeping. Be fair and create a no electronic one hour before bedtime not only for your child but for the whole family.