Coach Jenna’s Top Four Tips For Combating Worry For Women with ADHD

When a women with ADHD worries you repeatedly think of negative thoughts about a situation. Since these thoughts aren’t pleasant, they tend to result in anxiety. This is due to women with ADHD worry more than the average person. This is because women with ADHD are smart and imaginative and we use that imagination to come up with all types of worse case scenarios. Worry is a habit and it can be changed. Here are my top FOUR tips for combating worry.

Focus on What You Want To Happen –Use your imagination to focus on what you want to happen rather than not what you don’t want. For instance if you are going on a trip and you are worried about the plane crashing instead picture it the plane arriving on time, it getting you’re their safe, you wont have to wait for your suitcase on the carousel and your loved ones will be at the gate waiting for you. Not only does this take away your worry it actually makes you feel happy.

Share your worry– There is something about telling a good friend or family member about your worries that it makes it seem not so bad in the first place. When you are worried about a situation there is nothing better than talking and connecting with a friend.

Write It Out – Writing out everything that you are worrying about on one side of the paper and on the other side write down the action you can do towards each of the things that are worrying you. When a women with ADHD takes control over her worries and taking action it is so empowering and freeing at the same time.

Be In The Present- This can be difficult as a women with ADHD. If you notice that you continuously worry about if you locked your front door, be in the present moment when you perform this action. Visualize yourself closing the door, putting the key inside the lock and turning it. Another powerful thing to do is talk out loud as you are doing it. Doing and speaking about the action at the same time can help you remember that your door is locked and no need to worry no more.