Communication Strategies for Woman with ADHD

For a woman with ADHD communicating can be very difficult at times. For example, you say things that you don’t mean, not being able to follow a conversation, feeling overwhelmed or getting distracted. Does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. Here are some tips to address some of the common communication problems ADHD can cause.

Less Than Three- Telling a woman with ADHD more than three things at once can being overwhelming and shut down. It is better to tell a woman with ADHD one thing at a time or write it down. This one little change will set a woman with ADHD for success.

Clarify & Reflect– A good habit for woman with ADHD is to reflect on what people say, and clarifying their meaning. As a woman with ADHD you will be amazed on how much new information gets uncovered when you add this step.

Dumping Dialogue– Woman with ADHD often impulsively share everything on their minds. This can overwhelm the people around us and lead to resentment. Try to ask, “is this a good time for you to talk now”? Or “when is a good time to talk. Also try keeping a daily journal, this can help the process without dumping.

Write it Down- A woman with ADHD can miss up to 50% of what is said. So, a good habit to start to remember what they said is to take an extra step and write it down.