Dealing with The Guilt of Letting “Useful Clutter” Go

Woman with ADHD have things in their homes that we feel that we should, we need, or ought to keep for many different reasons.  When you walk around your home and you see things that you may not care for or take up too much space, then over time you may feel bad about using that space.  Here are some ways you can feel less guilty and finally let things go.

Don’t Want to Throw It Away – Some woman with ADHD just can’t handle throwing things away.  Getting rid of things doesn’t have to mean throwing them away.  Here are a few ways to get rid of things while still making them useful to someone else. You can give you things to charity (like the Goodwill), give friends the items that may need them, or sell it on E-Bay.  This thought alone may be good enough to start decluttering and give you a little motivation.

It Was A Gift – People don’t give gifts to friends/family and not excepting anything in return.  If you don’t like a particular gift that someone gave you, accept it graciously and then think of away you could give the gift for someone else’s happiness.  Think about creating a re-gifting box – any presents that you receive that you will not use or don’t like can be put in this box that way you can give it to someone else who would appreciate it.

It Has So Many Memories – If we kept everything that has sentimental value, then we would not be able to move around the house.  Your first pair of high heels, or those letter from your first boyfriend/girlfriend.  What I suggest is to have a memory box.  Your memory box can big or small as you want it to be, make sure that it is a box that you can lift and keep it in a place where it won’t get damaged.  Every year go through the box and take out anything that doesn’t have any sentimental value any longer (that can happen).  For anything else, display what you can (I am strong believer anything on your shelves should reflect you and your family).

Regret Getting Rid Of It – Some woman with ADHD often hold onto things with “I might use it later” mentality.  I know that is why I have a blender in my kitchen cupboard somewhere.  Keeping things that you aren’t going to use is a waste of time and energy. Give it away, sell it and then free up space in your home for something that you truly need and want.  Another good idea if you are not sure whether you can get rid of some things, put it in a box in the garage. Once the box is full and seal it for 6 months. After 6 months and you have not needed anything in that box or you can’t remember what is in it, then just GET RID OF IT. If you really needed them, then you would have remembered what they were at the very least, don’t you think!