Enhancing Self Esteem of Adults with ADHD

f you haven’t realized it yet, no one is perfect. Many adults with ADHD may struggle more than most other people in life, and their self esteem may take a pounding because of it. This is because when adults with ADHD go through life with negative thinking, it makes sense that they may develop a negative attitude as a result.  Whether you are going through a low self-esteem point in your life, or if you occasionally feel terrible about yourself, it is essential to have some tools to help you refocus your thoughts so you can live a life with confidence and joy.

 You Deserve Better – When you are having a bad day, remind yourself that you deserve more than the negative thoughts you trained your mind to believe in.  You deserve success, happiness and love just like anyone else, even if you don’t feel that way in that particular moment.  Accepting this will assist you in changing your thoughts when you negative thoughts bring you down.

Mistakes & Failures Are O.K. – Sometimes when lack self- esteem because of something you did in the past and therefore we view ourselves as worthless.   We think that we are worthless because we are not perfect.  Ask anyone who is successful, they will tell you (including myself) that they reached success on the stepping stones of failures and mess ups.  Mistakes and failure show that you are willing to take a risk and try.

You Have Many Accomplishments –   If you are like most ADDers, you probably spend not a lot of time thinking about your accomplishments than you do your failures.  Switch that around. Focus on your accomplishments and successes even the smallest. You have achieved so much in a lifetime, so take some time to write them down and savor them.

Your Instincts & Judgments Are The Best – Do you find yourself reaching out to others to reinforce your decisions or to reassure you that you are worthy and loveable?  No one knows what is best for you than you.  Try to practice making a decision without asking someone.  Also, indentify what worthy & love means to you, rather than looking elsewhere for reassurance.

Your True Self is More Remarkable Than Your Mask – Whoever you are imaging to be in order to like yourself better, this person is not as interesting as the authentic you. Genuineness is one of the best traits a person can have. Try taken off the mask and allow yourself to be the real you.


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