Executive Functioning 101: Task Initiation 4 Women with ADHD

Task initiation is one of the many executive functioning skills that can be a real big challenge for women with ADHD. One of the primary levers in helping to solve task initiation challenges is to understand the root of the issue. It may be true that a women with ADHD would be doing something else or may find the task/project boring. It also can be that the task/project is overwhelming, doesn’t know where or how to begin, thinks it is too difficult ,worries that it’s going to take you “forever” to do it and  just doesn’t have the patience or time, or  don’t have the materials they need. Fortunately, there are many ways to help women with ADHD  improve their task initiation abilities. 

Set Priorities – having a long to do list can be very overwhelming and can discourage you from getting started. If you have a long to do list, you will need to decide which tasks need to be given priority. Next, figure out what tasks can be moved to a later date or remove them all together. Then try to break down your to do list by daily, weekly and monthly priorities so you don’t get overwhelmed by too many tasks at once. Once you have a manageable task list you will find it easier to get started. 

Find What Motivates You- Sometime we forget why we are doing certain tasks/projects. Finding your motivation to get started on your task by reminding yourself of all the benefits and positive outcomes by finishing the task/project. By focusing on all the benefits and positive outcomes of completing a task, you will find more motivation to get started. 

Have a support system-  Having a support system of friends, family or a colleague can help keep you accountable.. Building a support system can help promote task initiation but it also includes optimizing your health so your body can better support your brain. 

Challenge Yourself- Another way to motivate yourself is to cross off tasks on your list. Or you can set a timer and challenge yourself to work for a set time period with lots of small mini breaks throughout the day. If you meet that challenge, reward yourself for a job well done!

Often the anticipation of a task is much harder than the task itself. By using these tips, I hope you can find ways to help yourself overcome the hurdle of getting started. Once you do, you’ll find yourself getting things done in no time!

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