Fresh Intuition: Women with ADHD Virtual Group Coaching

Women with ADD/ADHD are often diagnosed later in life. As women we are at risk for divorce, single-parenting, unstable finances, not completing college, eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, and under employment. That said, common ADHD traits also include, above average intelligence, the gift of gab, an adventurous spirit, high-energy, and creativity.

The Fresh Intuition: Women with ADHD Virtual Group Coaching will allow you to share your experiences, fears, hopes, explore your strengths and draw inspiration from each other. In In addition, this women’s virtual coaching group provides a safe place for women with ADHD to give and receive advice, support and encouragement.

The Fresh Intuition: Women with ADHD Virtual Group Coaching is for women with ADHD who needs

-Weekly connections and check in online with support, encouragement and accountability with other women with ADHD

-Sessions that are structured for maximum effect

-A safe space to be the authentic you

What is included in the Fresh Intuition Women’s Group Coaching?

-12 weeks of intensive, remarkably effective coaching with Coach Jenna, where we will focus on your most important ADHD life issues

-Each group session will be an hour and we will meet every Wednesday at 8:00 pm EST. It will start March 18, 2020 till May 20, 2020. The cost is $75.00 per month or one payment of $225.00 for three months.

-There will never be more than 6 other women in each coaching session, there will be a brief teaching moment and an opportunity for confidential sharing, setting weekly goals and accountability.

-Access to a private Facebook group to maintain contact with other women in the group coaching

Bonus – if you sign up for my women’s coaching group before February 3, 2020 as a bonus gift from me you will receive

-Full access to my Women with ADHD webinar series

-Three free coaching sessions with me

-A free copy of my new digital book; The Little Book Of Self-Care For Women with ADHD: The Tiny Everyday Habits That Will Transform Your Life

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