Goal Setting Strategies for Woman with ADHD

Setting goals is moderately an easy process. You pick out an action item and you work towards it. However, for a woman with ADHD these steps are easily said than done.  For a woman with ADHD, trying to find the right balance and setting realistic goals is an extremely difficult task.  If you have this challenge, here are some strategies that can assist you to refine your goals and make the process more successful.

Commit to the Process – First you must completely commit to the process.  You unfortunately, for a woman with ADHD may talk about what you want and why you want it, but not believe it will happen. To guarantee that you set realistic goals, take time to sit down and write out your plan.  This action will not only assist you in setting a course for your goal, but it will also show an extra level of dedication.  Investing the time in this first part of the process is a great way to build up momentum and work towards your goals.

Start Small- As you start to figure out your goals, start small. While this may not seem fulfilling, the reality that the smaller the goal, the segmented accomplishments would be more attainable.  Instead of aiming for the grand prize all at once, put together a system that gradually steps up to your end goal. This way, you can feel a sense of accomplishment as you go. In addition, taking one step at a time allows for a more realistic approach to the process, heightening your chances of getting to the destination.

Build From Your Success – As you reach each plateau in your plan, take a moment to take pleasure in reaching your goal. This feeling can encourage you to move deeper into your outline set of goals.  This is motivation is very important for a woman with ADHD.  Having this momentum on your side is a powerful asset.  With this in mind, you can adjust your plan if you want.  Just be cautious of reaching to far or too fast, this could move your focus away from your realistic goals and help you go back to unhealthy habits.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help – A woman with ADHD tend to have a fear of asking for help.  If you do not feel comfortable with any part of the process, do not be afraid to ask for help. Sitting down with a close friend or family member is a great way to get a second opinion on your goals.  Take special care to emphasize honesty & constructive criticism during this conversation.   As long as you willing to hear the good and the bad from their perspective, your plan can grow stronger and contain realistic goals.