Got ADHD? Walk It Out !

Going for a walk is a good form of exercise for adults with ADHD and has several benefits for the brain. When you walk, it causes you to activate your brain’s ‘dopamine This is the series of brain areas that come to life when you’re having difficulty focusing.  It also allows your brain to come up with creative ideas. It’s almost meditative! If your life feels constantly busy, rushed and hectic, then a walk might just be the perfect escape that your body and mind are crying out for. Here are some benefits of taking a walk when you have ADHD.

Coping with Pressures of Life –  Taking a walk for 10-20 minutes a day will help you able to cope with pressures of living with ADHD. No matter how well you manage your life, there will be times when you are under severe pressure. It is your ability to cope with this pressure that will determine whether you go on to experience the negative effects of stress or, you manage to cope with the pressure and push through.

Take Time To Think – When you are under pressure, the worst thing that a person with ADHD can do is to sit still and try to work through it. It is far better to take a walk and give yourself the time to think things through. By taking a walk you will be changing your surroundings and giving your mind a break from the problems you are experiencing. This will enable you to think with greater clarity, creativity and intelligence; all of which are essential components of problem solving.

Negative State of Mind –  When adult with ADHD is under pressure, they are in a negative state of mind.  The first thing a person with ADHD can do to break this state is to start moving. By taking a walk you will begin to let go of the negative state and the thoughts that go with it. You will then find that you start to feel more positive. You don’t have to pretend that everything is perfect but adopting a positive mindset will allow you to look at the problem with the belief that you can solve it and; it is far easier to solve a problem when you believe that you can solve it. Next time you find yourself in a negative state, break that state by taking a walk.’

Take a Break – Sometimes when you are working hard on a project or task, you just need to take a break from it. When you take that break, you can return with a fresh set of eyes and renewed motivation and enthusiasm. It may seem counterintuitive but taking a time out and taking a walk can help you to get those difficult tasks completed quicker.

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