Halloween Tips For Parents with Children with ADHD

Halloween is a holiday for all the senses and could cause some challenges for children with ADHD. The good news is that there’s no scientific evidence that shows sugar can make a child with ADHD more hyperactive or inattentive, so you won’t have to hide the candy bowl this year. Limiting sweets is an important part of orchestrating Halloween activities that are ADHD friendly but also consider these strategies that address the other sights, sounds and distractions that Halloween can bring.

Host Your Own ADHD Friendly Halloween Party – Hosting your own Halloween party you as a parent would be able to control the number of treats as well as the sights, sounds and distraction to keep your child happy and engaged.

Create a Code Word – Pick a code word with your child that you can use when and if they are feeling overwhelmed or anxious when they are in a stressful situation.

Have A Conversation with Your Child Before the Halloween Class Party– Your child’s class Halloween party can be frantic and could lead to sensory overload which could lead to impulsive behavior. If your child tends to lose control or make poor decisions when there’s too much going on around them, lay some ground rules before the party starts. Have a reminder talk about what their day is going to be like and how important it is to pay attention to their senses and to pace themselves. If they feel overwhelmed have your child to ask the teacher to excuse themselves to take a time out to calm down.