Help Your Child with ADHD Manage Their Morning Routine

Getting kids ready in the morning can be very difficult however getting a child with ADHD ready in the morning can be like a war and no one is winning. Adding the following strategies to your morning routine can make your mornings pleasant and keep your relationships blossoming.

  1. Stick with them until they are out of bed:Stay in your child’s room with them until they get out of bed because as soon as you turn your back, their heads will be back on their pillows. Give them a positive reason to get up; tell them some exciting event coming up, tickle them until they give you a hug, remind them how closer you are to the weekend. Don’t start the day off with threats. Would you want to wake up to that?
  2. Make Sure They Are Dressed Before They Leave Their Room: How many time has your child eaten breakfast first and went to get dressed after, only to find them in their underwear and socks with 5 minutes left on the clock. Once kids are energized and alert, the distractions start flowing. Once they leave the bedroom there should be no reason to have to go back in.
  3. Watch them take their medication: Your child needs to understand what it means to take their medication in the morning. Forgetting to take their medication can have consquences like having a bad day at school
  4. Set A Time Limit For Bathroom Usage: Bathrooms is a distraction jungle to get lost in. There are so many cool things to touch and look at. Setting a time limit to brush their teeth, wash their face and brush their hair give you a reason not to be in the bathroom with them and won’t seem like you are hoverin

Having a good morning routine can be a game changer for your child with ADHD. You will see just how stress free your day can start off. Everyone in your home will have a better day when the morning leaves you feeling alive and refreshed

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