How To Keep Holiday Spending in Check For Women with ADHD

Holiday spending can be a difficult problem for a women with ADHD. However, women with ADHD can steer away from the spending pitfalls through learning, planning and applying the right strategies. The following techniques will help you have fewer financial and personal problems during the holiday season.

Plan Ahead –Write out a list of who you need to buy presents for.  Include items such as “doesn’t like pink” to remind yourself of the specifics when and if you get overwhelmed by the holiday frenzy.

Have a Budget-How much money can you afford to spend during this holiday season? Before you got out shopping, figure out how much money you want to spend and how much do you want to spend on each person on your list.

Put Aside Some Money for Impulsive Shopping – When you are creating your holiday budget, you may want to include some extra cash for impulse shopping. This will give you the flexibility of buying that perfect gift, even if it is more expensive than you thought it would be.

Keep Track Of What You Bought – It can be difficult to remember what you bought a few weeks ago, let alone yesterday. You could end up with three gifts for Aunt Suzy and nothing for Aunt Beth.  Now you would need to go out and buy another gift.  Keep a notebook of everyone you have bought a gift for; you can save yourself time and money.

Shop During The Slow Times – Shopping in the morning, supper or even during the week will mean less people, and will lessen the chance of getting overwhelmed.  When there is less people and no lines, you can remain more focused on your holiday shopping goals.

Go Shopping With A Friend-   Be cautious on which friend you bring shopping with you. Try to avoid bringing a friend who has problems with impulsive shopping. It is best that you bring a friend who will assist you in staying focused and remind you to think before you make certain purchases.