How To Plan Your Week Effectively For Woman with ADHD



Getting home after a long day at work or looking after your children is the time when you just want to sit back and relax and get ready for the next day.  More often than not, woman with ADHD are greeted by a barrage of tasks around the house that need to be done before the next day and not to mention any preparation for the next day as well.  This can be very overwhelming.  How many times have you spent all week trying to catch up? It doesn’t need to be like this.  With a little planning you can reclaim your time and here are my tips for doing so.

Sunday is the Key

On Sunday morning I tend to go through my planer and go through what is going on for the upcoming week which consists of the following:

  • Is everything written in my planer (what needs to be done each day, do I have any doctor’s appointments ect)
  • Do you need to do any specific shopping for the week (a special birthday coming up, a wedding ect)
  • Are there any changes to your weekly routine (does one of your children have a doctors or a dentist appointment and they need to go into school late)

This may sound like an extra hassle that you could do without, but in fact it takes little time once you get used to doing it and it saves a lot of time during the week that you would spending chasing your family members to check if something was happening or who needs to be picked up or who is going to buy that present.






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