Journey To Holiday Self Care For Women with ADHD


The holidays are for families and friends to get together and celebrate.  However the time from Thanksgiving to New Years Day, people have less time, more stress, get less sleep and take on more tasks and responsibilities.  Guess how that can make people feel? This can be a difficult time for anyone, but for a women with ADHD it can knock you completely off balance due to the increased social and organizational demands. Here are some self-care tips to assist you during the holiday season.

Give Yourself Permission – It is ok to switch your thoughts to self-care to feel guilty, irresponsible or even selfish. You need to give yourself permission. Allow yourself to do whatever you want to do. If you want to say no to a holiday party over a friend’s house or no to overspending on presents, give yourself the right to do what is best for YOU. This is the start of self-care. Learn the importance of setting boundaries. Try to slow down from the holiday hustle and bustle and ask yourself, what do I want to achieve during the holiday season? How can I make this happen? What do I value the most?

Involve Your Senses –  Women with ADHD do not spend a lot of time thinking about our senses.  Our senses are an important for your self –care.  For instance, think of the smell of a pie baking in the oven, this smell alone can bring back good memories.  Have a scented bubble bath with aromatic products.  Think of different ways to include all of your senses into your self-care can be refreshing for your body and soul.

 Don’t Get Caught In the Hustle & Bustle Of Season – Try to plan ahead and set a specific time for the tasks that you need to get done.  This will give you enough time to mentally prepare so you will not get overwhelmed.  For example, during this time of year the malls and the stores are very busy at certain times of the day and the week. If possible, try to plan your shopping during quieter times during the week. Take your time and enjoy your holiday shopping.  You don’t have to rush. When a women with ADHD  changes their perspective of the situation, they can actually approach things with calmness.

 Do Things In Moderation– During the holiday season it is easy to over-indulge and forget to eat healthy. Women with ADHD sleeping habits may be changed as you have more activities in your days. You can over spend on presents for our family/friends. This list of different things can trap us and can differ from person to person.  It is common to be swept up into extreme behavior.  As Aristotle stated “all things in moderation.” This is an excellent test for all of us to remember.