Minimize School Morning Mayhem for Mom’s with Children with ADHD

Getting a child up and out the door in time for school can be a trying experience, when your child has ADHD this process can be stressful. Just think about all that can go wrong: Their backpack may not be where it was supposed to be or your child remembers he or she is supposed to bring something special to school. The last thing that you want to do as a parent is to send your child to school feeling unnerved. So here are some tips to helping children with ADHD get ready for school easier.

Get Breakfast The Night Before – Put out the cereal, oatmeal or whatever your child will be eating the night before so you will have it ready for the morning. I also would put out the cups, bowls ect the night before to.

Eliminate Media In the Morning – When my children were younger if we turned on the television in the morning I was just setting myself up for failure because they stopped what they were doing to watch TV. However, when their shoes were on, their teeth were brushed, and backpacks and coats have been moved to the front door, if and only those things are done they could watch TV until we left for school.

Keep Chores To A Minimum- On school mornings keep your children’s chores to a minimum such as putting their pajamas away, making their bed, and cleaning up after themselves. Leave the more detailed chores for after school like putting the dishes away.

Wake Up Ten Minutes Before Your Child Does – This may be difficult for some moms but try to wake up ten minutes before your child does. If you can get ready, have a cup of coffee, it will be better for all. It puts them and you in a good mood when they see your smiling face first thing in the morning.