Money Management Tips for Adults With ADHD

The bounced check or the unpaid bill can be usually be checked up as just being forgetful or having a busy scheduled, however if you are an adult with ADHD, managing money can be struggle and it is time tackle your money management problems.

Adults with ADHD find the task of organizing their finances boring or tedious.  As receipts or bills start to stack up that they can become overwhelmed to the point of denial or paralysis. Bad money management could also lead to shame and the avoidance of paying bills until they are long overdue.

The good news it does not have to be that way. The following strategies to help you take control of your money right now not matter the situation.

  • Use Cash– Instead of using your credit card to purchase things, use cash for non-bill spending like eating out, gas and groceries.  Using cash makes the spending more valid and there is an added advantage of knowing that when you are out of cash, you know that you did not spend more than you wanted to.
  • 30 Day Rule-When you are thinking about buying something you do not need, wait for 30 days and then ask yourself if you still want to buy that item. It is often that you will find that urge to buy has passed and you have saved yourself money simply by just waiting.
  • Use the Envelope System– This is the same idea as when you are using cash; the only difference is you use envelopes to spill your spending cash up into categories. The non bills such as groceries, gas and miscellaneous spending. When the envelopes are empty, you have spent your allotment.
  • Talk with Your Husband/Wife Weekly– It is so important that you and your husband/wife be on the same page when it comes to the finances. You should have the same financial goals and therefore you and husband/wife should be able to agree on a general spending plan and to have a policy for impulse buying so that neither one of you won’t end up chocking each other.  Make sure you both know what bills that have been paid, and what your balances are ect. A weekly meeting of an half an hour can accomplish this.
  • Teach your kids about advertising, saving and earning – If you have children, educating them about money. If you teach them how advertising can influence them in tricky ways, they will be less likely to demand for the latest electronic or toy.  If you teach them about saving and earning money they will respect the money that you and your husband earn & that you are trying to save.
  • Find happiness in life, not spending – Many times we buy things because that the item will bring them happiness.  You just have to have the latest electronics, shoes or cars. And yet, after you buy that stuff you are only happy for a few days. Then you just need to buy more, and it is a never ending cycle.  Instead, learn to love life; find joy in nature and the people around you.  There is so much more to life to make us happy, there is no need to find it in spending.


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