ADHD Tips For Organizing Your To-Do List & Being More Productive

Are you a person with ADHD who overlooks your to do list? When is the last time you spent some time with it? I can already hear you saying, “I don’t have an hour to spend with my to do list”. However, if you did spend that hour, you would be more organized; less stressed and would get more done. Here are five tips you can do during your to do list power hour.

Evaluate– Knowing what is on your to do list is very important. Your to do list will mean nothing unless you evaluate it regularly. Always evaluate your list first, so that you are reminded of what you need to be doing.

ADD/Delete – Get tasks out of your mind and on to your to do list. This will allow you to focus on the task that you will be working on, rather than the ones you need to do. Don’t be hesitant to remove or delete unimportant tasks from your list.’

Set Priorities – One of the most important things you can do with your to do list is prioritize the tasks on it. Having a to do list is good, but having one in order of priority is a lot better. Make sure your list is in order of the most important to the least important.

 Small Tasks – Work on your small tasks that are important but may have been slipping through the cracks. Put together your phone calls, responding to emails and other tasks on your list that you can finish, just as quickly as you evaluate your to do list.

Schedule Your Important Tasks – Larger tasks will probably require more time to finish them. Block time in your calendar with your most important task.

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