Powerful Ways To Escape The ADHD Overwhelm

Do you have so much going on that you feel overwhelmed? For an adult with ADHD a busy life with too many demands can lead to the feeling of overwhelm and stress. Work, family, and other obligations can prove to be too much at times. Working even harder to rectify the situation seems unreasonable when you feel as if you’re already working at full capacity and you feel like you need 10 extra hours to get it all done. Below are some of my favorite ways to minimize your feelings of overwhelm when you have ADHD

  1. Take a deep breathWhen you feel like you are getting overwhelmed, things tend to go downhill quick. Give yourself a break by relaxing and taken a deep breath and slow down your mind. Scan your environment and describe it to yourself. It will release your mind from your stressors and bring it back to reality.
  2. Focus on what you can do –In any situation, there are things you can control and things you can’t control. Keep your focus on those things that you can do.
  3. Just Let It Go –There’s no reason to think about it and get yourself moreworked up if you can’t do anything about it. Learn to let go of anything you can’t I know it is easier said than done, right? I literally pretend that I am wiping crumbs off my shirt, pants, etc. and I just brush myself off. It’s a physical way for me to ‘let it go’.
  4. Focus on solutions–  Most of us with ADHD make the mistake of focusing on the problem and thinking about the negative outcome. This decreases your capability and only causes more stress. If you are going to put your brain to work ask yourself what can you do to eliminate the or lessen the stress.
  5. Don’t make assumptionsAre things actually as stressful as you think they are? Or is it possible that you’ve misinterpreted the facts or made poor assumptions? Put together all the facts before you make a decision and ensure that you are on soild ground before you panic. This may be difficult if you are all worked up, but this is important.
  6. Change your scenery – Get out of the house and the office for a few hours. Your environment affects how you see and think.Spend some time in nature if possible. This one is my favorite. I often tell clients, if they feel ‘stuck’ to walk around the block. No joke. It can help.
  7. Spend time with a friend.Go out for lunch and movie with a good friend. Rely on those in your social circle for advice, comfort, and a quick distraction. Which of your friends is best at making you feel better?’
  8. Take Time To Relax-What relaxes you? Lying on the couch with your headphones? Going for a run? Getting a massage? Spend an hour or two decompressing and you’ll feel better. Make the time. Looking for Permission? This is IT. Take off the Supercape and relax.

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