Real Simple Closet Organizing Tips For Woman with ADHD Part 3

Welcome to the final part of Real Simple Closet Organizing Tips for Women with ADHD. In the first two parts we looked at the declutter stage, and the organize stage, and now it is time to tackle the real life and evaluating stage.  Evaluating is what we are going to do, so let’s get started shall we.

Live with it for a while –

Now that you have your clothes out, created space and found the best way to store them so that they will be easy to find when required. The next steps are to live with the system and to work with it as you go day to day. Clothes are constantly needed and need to stay organized or they will end up getting messed up and cluttered again. To try and stay on top of your clothes while living your life, create some new habits

Work on one in one out policy for future purposes so that you don’t become overwhelmed again

When you are out shopping for new clothes, it is always good to know what you need and what it will go with – when you are at home spend a little time working what goes with what and what you need to complete an outfit- that way you are getting more value with what you already have and not wasting time and money on buying items that you won’t wear because you don’t need it or you haven’t  got anything to go with it

Rotate your cloths as the season change- add a date to your planner to change your clothes over and maybe some shopping time to.

Treat your clothes with respect and look after them – an organized closet means you will get more wear and value from every piece of clothing you have – saving your time and money.

Take a picture of you wearing the clothes and add them to your closet door on the inside so this way you can see what you look like in things, what goes together and what you want to wear. This will make it easier to put outfits together and easy to see what isn’t used

Plan your outfit the night before – if you want to be really organized, think ahead – if you know what clothes you need for the following day you can hang them out and ready so that you don’t need to rush around in the morning

 Many any tweaks that are needed –

When it comes to evaluating the system you have put in place, you want to be able to tweak anything that doesn’t work very well for you.

Are you finding it difficult to find items quickly still, can you hang them in a different order? Do you feel like you still have too many clothes – there are many different ways to evaluate, and get into the habit of upkeep that will make your life easy – especially if you have a life change that means a wardrobe change (new job, losing weight)

If you are not sure on what you wear, get into the habit of having all coat hangers hooks facing the same way and then when an outfit is has been worn put the hanger back turned around. This is a quick way of seeing what you have worn and what you haven’t , and what you thought you needed on the first sort may not be realistic and you may be able to get rid of more than you thought

On a yearly basis go through your clothes and ensure that all your clothes are still in good condition if not replace them.

You will find that tweaking the system will eventually create the perfect method for you.  I hope that you are feeling benefits of having an organized closet and I hope that this process has made it easier for you to get your closet organized once and for all.