Reasons & Solutions Why Women with ADHD Make Excuses Not To Do Things


In this post I want to look at some reasons why women with ADHD make excuses not to do things.  Procrastination is one of the worst thing to do, it wastes time, and can kills many different projects and tasks even before they get off of the ground Let’s take a look some reasons women with ADHD give for not doing something and see what of the categories you may fall in.  I have also given solutions to each of the categories and see how you can turn a negative thought into a positive one.

#1 Time Issues –

  • I have no free time to get started
  • There is always something that is more important
  • I will start tomorrow
  • It will be my New Years Resolutions

What’s the solution?  You will save time when you schedule your projects/tasks into your day. Learning how to schedule things is an ongoing process and yes it will take time, but in the end you will ultimately save time.  Don’t set a date in the future to start scheduling things, start a little bit now so that it will get you motivated.

#2 Fear of Failure

  • What if it goes wrong and what will other people say?
  • What if I write a schedule and then keep up with it?

What’s the solution?  What is the worst that can happen? No one is going to laugh or make fun of you if it is not perfect on the first try.  Just taking that first baby step can make all the difference, and you will never know if you don’t take that first step.

#3 Perfectionist Issues

  • I don’t want to start something unless I can complete it 100%
  • I need a full week of so I can get everything done
  • I won’t start until I have everything I need to complete the project/task

What’s the solution? Getting something done 100% is pretty much impossible so give yourself a break. Things change and events happen in life so you have to go with the flow. If you do something 80% well then that is good enough, otherwise you will just keep on stressing yourself over and over again. So don’t what you can and you will see results.

#4Lack of Energy

  • It is boring so why bother
  • I have no energy to start
  • Isn’t it easier to just stay as I am

What’s the solution? We would all prefer to do something else besides working on a project or task, but once you get them done you will have more time in your day to relax and do fun things. If you really like relaxing then how can you do them when you have so much to do around the house. There will always be a small voice in your head telling you to do things until you start doing them. Another good idea is to add accountability to the process. You can ask a friend what you are doing and you can either do it together or get him/her to check on your progress, there is nothing more like having to show someone what you have done to get you motivated.

#5 Overwhelm Issues

  • I don’t know where to start
  • There is too much to do

What is the solution? Break things down into small chunks. Small chunks are easier to manage and you will get more done without even realizing it.




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