Strategies For Communicating With Your ADHD Child

Children with ADHD often experience trouble participating in focused day-to-day conversations. However adjusting your own style of communication to your child’s needs can help him maintain a connection. Below are some strategies you can use to strengthen your communication with your child with ADHD.

Give them short and simple directionsChildren with ADHD are easily overwhelmed. When you are teaching them a task break it down into small steps. don’t break down all the steps at once, give them one or two simple steps and then move on once each step is finished.

Create communication strategies: When trying to communicate with your child with ADHD you may need to get creative. For instance, you could create a listening ball, you can ask your child to hold the ball or toss it from hand to hand while they are listening to you. Another example, you can create visual cues to indicate what you would like your child to do. You can create a routine chart to keep track of your child’s daily activities.

Talk quietly and remain calm: As you start to raise your voice, it can stimulate your child This is the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish,especially if your child already overwhelmed or upset. Speak quietly to your child and remain calm. If your child is to the point where they are having a melt down, walk away until they are ready to start talking about what is going on with them.

** What communication techinques do you use with your child with ADHD?