Thanksgiving Tips for ADHD Women

Putting a Thanksgiving dinner takes planning and organization and for a women with ADHD this can leave you feeling fatigued, discouraged and inadequate.  Below are some strategies to help you remain calm and to spend the holiday with family and friends.

Take a walk – Fresh air exercise can help you clear your head and get focused. When you start to feel overwhelmed from all the chaos, take 10 minutes to go outside and take a walk.  If you have house full of kids bring along with a few adults and let the kids blow off some steam.  Your home may be calmer when you get back and you can focus on spending time with your family and friends.

Count to Ten – Some women with ADHD are known for saying things what they are thinking and when family gets together especially if you don’t get along with one of them, arguments can eject. Instead of telling Uncle Charlie what you really think of him, walk away take a deep breath and count to ten and remember that the day does eventually end.

Take care of you – Not getting enough sleep or not eating properly can increase stress.  On Thanksgiving morning, make sure that you got enough sleep the night before and eat a good healthy breakfast.  Thanksgiving Day seems to drag and by the time the dinner is served you may be hungry and cranky so be sure to take care of you throughout the day.