The Paper Clutter Cleanse for Adults with ADHD Free 5 Day E-Mail Challenge

While the digital age is here to stay, hard copy paperwork is still very much a part of our day-to-day lives .Between junk mail, school forms, receipts, safety recall notices, sale flyers, special offers, tax documents, insurance forms, kids’ artwork, take-out menus, owner’s manuals, catalogs, and magazines, we’re drowning in paper clutter! Organizing your paper clutter is an essential part of organizing your life.

Clutter can cause stress, waste money & time, and sap your energy.

Without a simple, practical system, paper clutter ends up spread all over tables and countertops. This makes your home look messy. More stress!

If you’re ready to organize your paper clutter, here is what you will learn to

-create a simple file box for managing day-to-day paperwork

-set up a 4-folder system for organizing papers you need to take action on

-prioritize your most important and time-sensitive to-do’s for less stress in your life

Then sign up for The Paper Clutter Cleanse. FREE 5-DAY E-MAIL CHALLENGE:  you’ll receive manageable, step-by-step assignments delivered right to your inbox. You will also receive FREE PRINTABLESa checklist to help you work through these 6 steps one at a time AND a prioritized to-do list.  Sign Up For The Paper Clutter E-Mail Challenge