Things an ADDers Can Do Every Sunday To Be Prepared For The Week Ahead

Sunday Routine

A little preparation can go along way and more so when Sunday comes around.  Weekends don’t have to be filled with different tasks/project; in a matter of fact the more you are organized for the week the smoother it will go. As an ADHD coach I try to have my week planned out even before it begins, because I know that once Monday starts, I will be very busy and if I am not careful I can get overwhelmed.   Here are some of the strategies I use to get ready for the week.

Check Your Planner – Hands down this is the most important things to do. Go through your planner and check what your next week looks like.   Check that everything is scheduled and nothing is double booked.  Add in any travel time and prep time as needed for each task/project.  When you put them into your schedule at the beginning of the week, this will mean you will be more likely to do them and not to procrastinate.  When you look at your planner ahead of time you will be able to see things more clearly.

Prep Meals For The Week – This can mean different things for different people, depending on your schedule and life style.

  • Cook and freeze meals for evening meals for the week
  • Plan what you cook for dinner instead of what you have in your cabinets
  • Do a weekly shopping for what you need for the week ahead

You may already do all or just one of these things but the key is that you put thought into what you eat and when.   This can help you every day as you can prepare what you have planned without thinking and that you will know that you will have everything already to cook that meal.

Pick Out Clothes For The Week –  When you give thought to what you are doing each day (check the weather forecast if it helps you decide), then you can simply get up and grab what you are going to wear without worrying about being clean or ironed.  Grab 5-7 empty hangers and put them in one place in your closet, add to each hanger on what you want to wear on that day (you can do this for your children too).

Sort Stuff For The Week –   This is the technical category of stuff. What I mean by that is anything that you need to have with your during the week.  Things like,

  • specific paperwork for a doctor’s appointment
  • anything needed for your children (money, permission slip, snacks)
  • change for toll booths
  • pick up dry cleaning

If you have everything that you need ready to go, then you will have much less stressful week.

Simple Tasks around the House – Try to do the simple tasks around your house that are time sensitive.  Doing a few chores around the house ahead of time means that you can wake up on Monday morning and just concentrate on that day rather than running around.

Take Time For You – Take some time to do something that you enjoy doing, something that relaxes you.  The rest of the week is likely to be a rush of appointments, work, and kid’s ct, so take some time and do something that makes you smile. Also try to go to bed a decent time, being fully rested will ensure that Monday will start off well.





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