Tips For Running Errands With A Child with ADHD

Running errands with your child with ADHD may seem difficult or overwhelming at times, especially when you are running certain errands that may not interest your children; such as paying bills or having the oil changed on your automobile. However, with the three following strategies you can avoid the madness and get things done and even enjoy the time you spend together.

Run Your Errands When Your Child Is Well Rested, Fed & Clean: By far this is the number one rule when running errands with ADHD. Go after your child has napped or woken up in the morning so they feel refreshed and not cranky. Another alternative is to run errands after a meal or snacks to avoid hungry tummies and bring snacks with you in case they get hungry during the errands. Finally, do a bathroom break before you go so you wont be running around trying to find a bathroom while you are out and about.

 Just Do One Errand: Once your child with ADHD is well-rested, fed and clean, your next action step is to just pick one errand to do. Try not to do too much because this may tire out both you and your child. It is better to be in one place and spend all of your time there than go to many different places. These small habits and actions will build your confidence with each errand that you run.

 Give Your Child With ADHD Something To Hold: Children with ADHD are good at observing and delighted in new envoriments. But sometimes they need something familar to hold or comfort them. Before running you errands have your child pick an item from home to keep them occupied to prevent an outburst. However, don’t give them an item from the store if you don’t plan to buy it. They can get attached and may not want to give it up when it is time to check out.

What techinques do you use when running errands with your child with ADHD?

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