Tips to Conquer ADHD Christmas Clutter

Christmas is one of those times in the year when the calmest of homes can get out of control. There are so many ways that your home can get filled up with Christmas clutter.  I am not the most organized person but since I have ADHD I need to get creative with conquering the christmas clutter.  This is important in order to remain calm otherwise I get buried under the clutter of new gifts, and wrapping paper. So let us take a look at some ideas that will help you have a clutter free Christmas.

#1 Wrapping paper clutter

Issue – Once all the presents are opened, wrapping paper can get EVERYWHERE! It is often disregarded while moving on to the next present or admiring what you’ve just opened.

Solution – Make it easy to put the wrapping paper away straight away. Get lots of garbage bags or a large cardboard box into the middle of the room so everyone can reach it – and make sure paper is put in when each present is opened.

#2 Time clutter

Issue – Christmas is a time that can really stretch you in different ways – not the least being trying to see all your friends and family within a short few days. It can get very busy very quickly, and you can feel daunted and guilty about not spending as much time as possible with everyone.

Solution – Plan the time you have available and don’t forget to add in time for just you and your immediate family as this is important as well. Work out what you can do, and accept that you may have to say no to people – just to keep your sanity!

#3 Present clutter

Issue – When you have received presents and opened them, you need a place to put them. This is where a lot of people come unstuck as there simply isn’t room to put new items away.

Solution – Before the holidays start why not declutter kids toys, and other places where you may be lucky and get new things. Take things to charity that you simply don’t use or want anymore. This is a lovely tradition to do with children, who can give away some of their older toys to the less fortunate and understand what Christmas is all about.

#4 Decoration clutter

Issue – It is all too easy to go overboard with decorations, and I for one am a sucker for anything sparkly around the house over Christmas – but it can get out of hand. The issue comes when decorations literally take over every surface – they have to be dusted, kept tidy, stored when not in use, electric bills can go sky high from extra lights etc… all of which can add to the stress of the holidays which really isn’t the point!

Solution – Less is most definitely more where decorations are concerned. A few key pieces can make much more impact than loads of decorations as you can see them more clearly and appreciate them more.

# 5 Mind clutter

Issue – It can be a stressful time of year especially living with ADHD. It seldom happens like that, but it seems that in the build up to Christmas we all forget these facts and let ourselves get overwhelmed by trying to create the best Christmas ever seen.

Solution – Know your limits! – Of course we all want an amazing Christmas, but if you know that you hate cooking, then order food that’s pre-prepared, or get some help from the rest of the house and delegate.