How To Manage Transitions For Adults with ADHD

A big part of my coaching is to assist my clients to figure out what their ADHD challenges are and to come up with strategies to meet them. For this to work, my clients and I discuss why they get stuck and through our discussions I have figured out that procrastination and distractions could be the problem with making transitions. Transitioning requires the brain to shift from one thing to another. The ADHD brain overreacts to the change by making the person with ADHD anxious or stressed. Since I was young, I can remember when I was in grammar school having difficulty transitioning from one thing to another. The antidote for transition troubles is to first develop strategies to focus on making the transitions more easier and lessing the panic. Many of my coaching clients have tried the following transition strategies to their particular needs

What Is The Cause – You know as a person with ADHD that you have difficulty with transitioning so take the time to figure out what is the cause of it. Whether you have challenges with going from work to home or going from task to task, there is always to make your life manageable.

Visualize The Details– When you are making the transition, try to visualize every detail and do a trial run of moving from one task to the next. When doing this, try to visual each step in much detail as possible and visual yourself moving from one task to the next.

 Just Let It Go – To transition successfully from one thing to another, you will need to just let it go. Several of my coaching clients have told me that they are perfectionists when it is tine to move from one thing to another and find it hard to wrap up on what they have been working on. To do this successfully, set up a specific time to stop, and then give yourself 15 minutes to transition into the next thing that you are working on.

Plan Out The Next Day – Another way to transition is to plan out your next day before you go to bed. When you do this you will be able to sleep better, have no worries and you will know what you are planning to do, when and how

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