Ways To Practice Self- Care In The Time Of Coronavirus For Women with ADHD

I’ve been thinking about what to say but the words hasn’t come out until now so I wanted to share my own view on what is going on in the world today.

No matter where you live at, I am sure that the coronavirus has affected you in some way whether is – emotionally, mentally, physically, or logistically.

Please know that you’re not alone and that, most importantly, this is temporary.

Take whatever measures and precautions you and your family need to feel safe and to stay calm. But don’t forget to take some self-care time for you.

Whatever is yet to come – you can handle this. Remember that more than 95% of people recover from this virus, so it’s mostly about the fear and the inconveniences it’s creating in our lives.

Yes, we’ll probably see many cities quarantined. And yes, it will prevent our freedom of movement and choices that we are so used to. And if social distancing is going to stop this from spreading, then it’s important to take it seriously.

Here are a few self-care ideas you can take during this time

-Get some inspiration by reading stories of people who overcame adversity

-Buy a coloring book and crayons. Adult coloring is actually good therapy.

-Listen to a podcast about a topic that interests you, but you have yet to explore.

-Try some mindful exercises to help bring you into the present moment.

-Use 15 minutes to write out your thoughts about anything bothering you. Then burn or throw away the paper.

-Create a playlist of songs that soothe and calm you.

-Wrap yourself up in a cozy blanket and sip a cup of hot tea while reading a book.

Remind yourself of the good stuff in life by writing a list of things you’re grateful to have. Then post it somewhere you can see it often to help refocus your emotions when you feel down.

One last thought that I would like to share, there are individuals out there who are panicking while others who are taking action to stay safe and to protect their loved ones. Your perception is going to be affected by what and how much news you’re watching. Yes it is important to check your local news but not to over-saturate your mind to the point where it affects your mental and emotional health. Know that you’re ALREADY doing everything you can to protect yourself.

Wishing you peace and calm,

Coach Jenna Knight