Ways To Saving Money With ADHD

The bounced check or the unpaid bill can be usually be checked up as just being forgetful or having a busy scheduled, however if you are an adult with ADHD, managing money can be struggle and it is time tackle your money management problems.

Adults with ADHD find the task of organizing their finances boring or tedious.  As receipts or bills start to stack up that they can become overwhelmed to the point of denial or paralysis. Bad money management could also lead to shame and the avoidance of paying bills until they are long overdue.

The good news it does not have to be that way. The following strategies to help you take control of your money right now not matter the situation.

Weekly Review of Your Spending – Choose a day of the week to review your spending plan to make sure your current spending follows your goals. Make changes as needed.

Create A Spending Plan- A spending plan or budget will put your financial goals in writing and help control your daily spending. Construct a monthly plan–list all of your monthly expenses, then subtract the total from your monthly income.

Make Saving Money Fun- Motivate yourself by making saving money fun and visual. You could make a chart with a savings “thermometer” and mark it as you save. For short-term savings, put cash into a special jar with a photo of your goal glued to the outside.

Saving For Your Future/Emergencies – Plan ahead by depositing into a savings account regularly. Consider using direct deposit for a set amount to be automatically deposited in your savings account. Your savings can prepare you for special events or sudden emergencies.

Use Your Calendar – Using your calendar to list all incoming money and due dates of monthly bills to keep payments on time. Many companies have automatic bill payment systems that will make regular withdrawals from your account, so you don’t have to worry about late payments.