Why it’s Hard to Say “No” – For Women with ADHD

There is no reason a woman with ADHD has to say yes to everything and everyone. I understand as a woman with ADHD myself, by agreeing to do everything you don’t want to show that you are a people pleaser, which is not a bad trait, but it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Learning to say no is about setting boundaries, and every time you say yes to someone, you are saying no to yourself and your priorities and your needs. It is more important to please yourself so you can stay calm and relaxed. Here are some tips that can help you say no.

-Try to practice saying No out aloud, so you can hear the words come out your mouth, and then try to say phrases with the word no in them, such as No I can’t do that.

-Try to say no to the easy things first and then build your way up to the more difficult situations. Pause before responding to the person’s request, and never say Yes right away. You can say something like I will get back to you as soon as I check my schedule. Or you can say let me think about it first and I will call you back. This will help you not decide you may regret.

-When you tell a person No to a situation, you don’t have to feel like you must give a long list of excuses. You know what is best for you and your health.

-Make up a list of things that you would like to say no to. If you tell someone No, deep in your mind there will be no negative consequences on who or what you will say No to. This can assist you to have a clear picture of what your needs are and helps you to see the boundaries.

-Always put yourself and your care above everything else by spending time on the things that make you happy and the decisions you want, rather what others want. If you neglect your needs you won’t be able to help yourself, your family or those that really care about you.