Women with ADHD and the Practice of Gratitude

Most individuals know about practicing gratitude and maybe even know that research has proven many benefits from making gratitude a habit in their lives. So you may be thinking how does practicing gratitude help your ADHD symptoms. First of all gratitude helps improve sleep and getting enough sleep helps improve your executive functioning such as your focusing, planning, decision making, and regulating your emotions. Improving your executive function enhances your productivity which improves your mood, reduces anxiety and lets you have more enjoyments in your life. And of course, enjoying something gives you more to be grateful for, you catch my drift. 

Even though it may not be easy to see how gratitude can lessen your ADHD symptoms and to get into the gratitude habits. So many women with ADHD are quick to notice what is broken, undone, or in our lives. That is why practicing gratitude makes so much sense for women with ADHD. When we practice gratitude for something or anything that we are grateful for we give ourselves the chance to see life as an opportunity. Here are a few ways to start practicing gratitude today 

-Keep a gratitude journal. You can make your journal daily, weekly or even monthly. Don’t force it. This will work if you are truly interested in doing it

-Create a gratitude collage by drawing or cutting out pictures and words

-Practice gratitude around your dinner table or make it part of your nighttime routine 

-When you feel like complaining about something. Write out a gratitude list instead. You will be amazed at how you feel 

-Notice how gratitude is impacting your life, write about it in your journal and express thanks for the gratitude.