Tips to Help Your Child with ADHD Overcome Fears

Fear is a normal part of childhood and so if learning to overcome them. For a child with ADHD they may have more fears than other children do. For instance a child with ADHD may worry about not doing well in school, not fitting in with other children or what the future may look like for them. However, as a parent there is a lot that you can do to help your child with ADHD overcome their fears. Here are a few tips.

Be a good listener- Ask your child what he/she is exactly what they are afraid of. When a child with ADHD puts emotions in words it makes it more manageable .

 Send a message that your child will overcome this fear- Explain to your child that it is ok to be afraid of something and you and your child will get through this together.

Talk to your child on what may help- Have a brain storming session with your child on what could help him/her overcome their fear. For instance, if your child is afraid to attend a party, maybe they could go with a group of friends.

 Let your child know you are proud– When your child overcomes their fear let he/she know that you are proud of them. This will also help them gain confidence and will be able to handle other fears that come up in their lives

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