6 Ways To Slow Down & Get More Done


As many women with ADHD know the feeling of before your day even begins, you have or to do than you can even finish.   You start your race; you make a mad dash through traffic to get errands done, tasks, and meetings.  Along the way you subconsciously know that you can’t get it all done, but you cram everything into one day anyway.  You can’t do it all, because trying to do so is a recipe for stress and overwhelm.   Here are some strategies to slow down and still get more done in your day.

Practice Patience – Hurrying isn’t always the best way to go. It don’t feel good. You are always in a rush and it brings on unneeded stress. Try a little patience. Many of the things you are stressing isn’t really worth it, and many problems fix themselves with just a little patience.

Take Time To Think – When was the last time you just took a minute to think?   Instead of impulsively acting out, pause and think about what you are actually trying to accomplish.  When you take a few moments to reflect will often change your priorities and course of action.

Finish 3 Important Task – When you are in a hurry, you often end up doing to many things at once.  Instead of doing starting 57 different things, concentrate on finishing the most three important tasks.

Spend Time with Friends and Family – Spending time with friends or family can lead to answers and productive outcomes. Instead of sending endless emails, go and visit the person you need to connect with.

Say No – Saying “No” when it is needed is an important skill if you are going to avoid overloading yourself.  You need to put what you need to do first, before you can take the work on of other people.

Plan – Planning out your day or week is an investment that will save you time in your day.  Planning out your day can assist you in indentifying your priorities, avoid schedule conflicts.  With a plan you will be more relaxed during the day.






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