What Is ADHD Coaching?

What does an ADHD coach do?

An ADHD coach has specific training to work with clients who have ADHD using specific techniques designed to address issues such as managing time, prioritizing and becoming more effective overall in both their personal and professional life. Unlike therapy, coaching focuses on how, what and when rather than why. Typical coaching questions include: What can you do about it? How can you motivate yourself to take action? When must this action be completed?

The coach helps clients explore their own needs and set goals for creating new actions. Coach and client then co-create strategies, systems and supports for achieving those goals. The coach also provides feedback, encouragement and recommendations to assist the client in staying on track.

FAQ About Coaching

Are their professional standards for the ADHD coaching industry?
Yes, there is a code of ethics, core competencies, accreditation processes and an International Coaching Federation that promotes the advancement of coaching  To learn more about this click here: https://coachfederation.org

How will I know you are the right coach for me?
During our initial conversations and/or discovery session, together we will identify if this is an appropriate fit. So before you say “yes”, you will have a sample of what the coaching experience will be like. Until then, click on my BIO page to learn more about myself and my approach in coaching.

How do I get started in the coaching process?
If you are interested in beginning the coaching process, please contact me via phone so we can schedule our initial discovery session to further explore the details of the coaching relationship.

What can I expect from my coach?
1. Be a partner in bringing out the best, the deepest, and the truest in you
2. Provide safety, encouragement and support; an environment in which you can relax and explore
3. Respect the confidentiality of the agreements we make
4. Expand your view of what is possible and promote discovery of new insights
5. Give you input, straight feedback and operate as a sounding board
6. Listen carefully to what you say and ask questions that increase awareness
7. Be an on-going resource for you in accomplishing your intentions

Can I contact you in-between our scheduled coaching sessions?
Yes! In the event that you would like support on something that comes up in between our meetings, you can email me and we can have “just in time” coaching via email.