ADHD and Women: When You’re Having a Difficult Day

As a women with ADHD our lives isn’t always rainbows and butterflies,most days we manage, but sometimes it feels like ADHD is responsible for one bad thing after another. However what is important is how you view and experience these bad days. What tends to happen is that when we have a bad experience and rather than letting it go we get the violin out and have a pity party.But what would happen if you didn’t focus on the bad experience?What if you didn’t go to the pity party?Instead of focusing on the bad experience let it go and look at the bigger picture.Now this can be tough I know.So here I will list things to do when you are having a bad day.These activities will allow you to let go and move on from your bad experience.They will also lift your mood, so your day won’t be that bad after all. Let’s get to it!

Write In A Journal– Journaling is a great tool for releasing emotions and feelings.And generally, a bad day creates emotions and feelings.So grab your journal and pour your heart out.

Positive Affirmations Positive affirmations are a game changer! They literally re-train your brain.So, when your having a bad day and thinking negative thoughts, use some positive affirmations to lighten your mood.

Take A Walk -This can be an obvious one, but generally at the bottom of our list when we don’t feel too great.Getting outside really does make you feel good.You can even practice mindful walking

Read A Book – Reading is a great way to distract your thoughts from a bad day It enables you to calm down and focus.Choose to read something that interests you or my favorite, self-development books.

Laugh- A great way to uplift your mood is to watch things that make you laugh. Just hop onto YouTube and laugh away!

Sit Outside Sitting outside and breathing in the air is so exhilarating.Take the time to calm down and focus your thoughts on the moment.Look around and take it all in.

Talk Too A Friend/Loved One -Talking it out is always a good option.Call a friend or family and let them know how you feel.It’s good to let it out.

Let It Go & Look at the Bigger Picture -Sometimes when you have a bad day you let it take over.It seems like the world is ending.But in reality your day could be a lot better if you looked at the bigger picture.Is it really as bad as you think?