Back To School Organization Tips for Parents with Children with ADHD

The ultimate goal is to be organized so that your child with ADHD will know where your things are and where to put things away. You don’t want them to lose their homework and suffer a lower grade because they can’t find their homework to submit to their teachers. Nor do you want your child to lose important papers that need to be taken home to you.

Below are great suggestions from some of my parents with children with ADHD that I have coached. I suggest to have your child read each of these ideas out loud and have them think about which ideas will work best for them.

Color-code notebooks and book covers by subject area. Keep the color-coding for the subjects the same every year. It is easier to remember which subject is which color, and it saves money and the environment because you might be able to reuse items.

-Get covers that are diverse in design or color so that you eliminate grabbing the wrong book or folder by mistake. 

-Have a special folder or place for homework and for notes to parents. Carry this folder to all classes and home every day. 

-Place all books so that they are facing the same direction.

-Put books in chronological order as to when your classes occur.

-Keep your books and binders for the same class together so that they are easy to grab.

-As you finish a class, put the books, papers, and homework assignments you need at home in your backpack.