Coaching Services

Coaching Services

The demands and anticipations of life and work can be anxiety-producing and overwhelming for women with ADHD.  Succeeding in life is not easy when faced with the daily challenges presented by ADHD.  These challenges can create a descending spiral resulting in undesirable behaviors, and feelings of defeat.

During your coaching sessions, we will work together to get back on track, achieve your goals, and reduce the pressures experienced at work and at home. We will work together to create systems, structures, strategies and supports around the issues you would like to address. This may include:

Time Management

  • Plan effectively
  • Manage time based on workload and goals
  • Develop short and long term plans
  • Complete task/projects in an agreed upon time frame
  • Understand and move beyond the issues of procrastination


  • Create a successful system to handle multiple priorities and stick with it!
  • Prioritize assignment workload
  • Minimize distractions (technological, social, and environmental)
  • Manage personal space
  • Maintain your daily/weekly/monthly schedule
  • Know where “stuff” is located!

Life Skills

  • Discover and set appropriate boundaries
  • Make effective transitions
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Improve your social & communication skills
  • Manage situations where focus and attention is difficult
  • Make time for you!!